Command Prefix is currently set to % by default. To change a server prefix, look at %setprefix.
In order to check the prefix of your server, type %checkprefix.

In order to pull a photo of an idol, you can type an idol's stage name, full name, alias, their group name, or group alias name after the prefix.
examples: %irene, %blackpink, %red velvet. You may also put an idol's stage name, full name, or alias after a group such as %red velvet irene.
You can use this with many idols to get a random one. %red velvet irene joy seulgi
This way, you will pull any of the idols as long as they are in that group.
To find out more, look at the GroupMembers category.

♥ - Requires Bot Owner
★ - Requires Guild Permissions
😇 - Requires Bot Moderator
♥♥♥ -- Entire Section Requires Bot Owner
★★★ - Entire Section Requires Guild Permissions
😇😇😇 - Entire Section Requires Bot Moderator

This is just general command information. Further information can be found with %help (command).